International University Western Humanities

International University Western Humanities (IUWH) is providing a major  opportunity to people of knowledge who have dedicated their life to their work and/or their community to be able to receive internationally recognized life experience certificate degrees.  International University Western Humanities  took the leadership role in evaluating and appreciating the experience based knowledge of it's member students. IUWH has expanded its services on a global level in which experience based certificate degrees won't be exclusively

offered and recognized only inside USA borders. Now,  IUWH now also supplies its online distant learning students with internationally recognized and legalized Diploma , Bachelor, Master and Doctoral experience based degrees. Unlike other experience based online degree institutions, IUWH has always assisted its students with excellent customer service based upon honesty and trust.  IUWH would be glad if you read our students' testimonies for yourself.

Get Certified

Welcome to International university Western Humanities (IUWH).  This is the certificate program. Students need to follow the below steps in order to get the desired degree

Step one: Application form

Please fill the form completely. The application form contains all information about the registered student including both personal and general information (privacy policy)....

Step two: Exam

Before you begin the test, here is some information about our online test to make things easier for you...

Step three: Get your certificate:

 After passing the test successfully, you will be ready to get your degree certificate. Data written on the certificate will be the same as what is written on the application form when the student registers...

Mission and Vision

To evaluate experience is our mission, and to legalize it is our guarantee
International University Western Humanities knows that organizations believe in facts, and those facts are translated on papers, Those papers are tested and certified through specialized committees who are authorized to evaluate, testify and certify that the candidate has actually acquired the experience that he claims to have. The final step is to legalize the degree certificates for use throughout the world.

Get graduate & legalized
Our international students will be in need for more than the experience based certificate which defines your qualification and degrees at each subject at the specialized program. They also need their degrees legalized for use in the countries of their choice. For this reason, International University Western Humanities offers legalized and authenticated certificates which is internationally recognized in 130 countries around the world; We have listed the eligible countries in which  International

The International University Western Humanities is an international university stated at the United States of America at Maryland state which provides its students with experience based certificates.

The International University Western Humanities "IUWH" is giving a major opportunity for the people of knowledge who dedicated their life for their work and for their community.

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